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Who’s awake!! 

Above picture is the scenery drawn with the help of rangoli

The holy moon…!! 
India is the country having lots of festival. Today it’s ‘kojagiri pournima’ the word kojagiri means ‘who’s awake'(in night) ? It is said that on this full moon night which arrives before Diwali the goddess of wealth comes to see which person is working and is awake in night. And the one who is.. She showers her blessing. On this day when the full moon appears the people belonging to Hindu religion drink milk which has dry fruits powder in it. 

It is believed that our thoughts our mind is ruled by the moon. It has mythological as well as astrological thoughts. And I guess it has been proven scientifically. 

The milk!! Which is made thick and added with dry fruits.. Which tastes yummier..!! 

That’s why it is said in Sanskrit shloka “Chandrama manaso jatah”

The above rangoli drawn by me… 😊

Then the elder daughter or son gets the aarti(the Diya is kept in a copper sort of plate and it is moved in circular motion by mother)
Thanks for reading.. 

The autumn is celebrated all over the world differently… Celebrate the diversity…!!  Get out sometime.. And look above in the sky.. Nature is so mesmerizing…!! 

Take  care.. 

Twenties are all about celebration.. In traditional and modern way… Sometimes have milk… Sometimes taste a glass of champagne… So versatile.. I am.. 

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