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The dress… !!

Which dress shall I wear, mom?? Ohhh mother!!  I don’t have anything to wear for party..??  Ugh..!!  What to do??  These questions are asked by all the daughters… Isn’t it..?? 

In fact, the whole wardrobe is full of trend matching clothes (including matching nail polish as well)  still we find sometimes that we don’t have anything… 

We human beings never set for less… Are wants always rises.. When demands are being met your desires will rise.. The economical principle on demand and supply..

   We girls obviously lovr to dress up… Sometimes for him… But you know what I feel.. We shall love ourself more and get ready because we feel good..

When for the first time you visit a place where you never have been before with the man you were in love with… And later on if you go along with someone else or on your own.. Who you are gonna remember then..??  That fuckin’ boy.. Man.. Whatever..


See my dress… Hair tied loose… Just with a clutch… 

Whatever style you may carry.. Wearing a smile with confidence is. So important… So remember that.. 

Live your life in style… 

Until next time… 

Lots of love to you all.. 

Take care

3 thoughts on “The dress… !!

    1. Yeah.. It’s like when we wear something western.. For us girls wearing shorts makes us look n feel hot.. And when wear traditional we feel sushil and all.. Kapdon ka kamal!!

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