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Cleaning our nation

“​swach Bharat abhiyaan” which was began in the year 2014 in India on the birthday anniversary of late Mahatma Gandhi. 

It’s everybody duty to stay clean . Generally we see that we litter places around us.. Even that chocolate wrapper we throw isn’t good thing.. so what happens..?? We are wooed by the other countries. correct?  Mumbai and cities like Delhi if kept clean can appear and look wonders… 

Amchi Mumbai!!

Let’s start small…

Begin cleaning around…!!

Just today in the morning I saw a women gathering the scrap and throwing in front of others homes compound. This behavior is so inappropriate. Cleaning our homes and putting the waste in someone’s else surrounding…such things are so stupid.. Ladies shall not be that lazy that they can’t come down by stairs and throw the garbage in the garbage pit or van. They just come out in veranda and throw it down because of that all the scrap enters in all flats via air… 

The government have put on some rules and waste gathering vehicles Comes at our place to get the garbage. 

We as the citizen shall cooperate with them. Separate the dry and went scrap. 

Contribute your share..

Say no to open defecation and get that waste out of your body in ‘sandaas’  ‘TOILET’…okay… 

Begin. ….clean your place.. 

If you won’t change nothing will change


Make the whole world a paradise… 😃😊😊😊

Twenties are all about being responsible and imbibing good things.. Like keeping clean.. And creating awareness..

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