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Allowed#2 (clean) 

Talking about responsibility as in 20s.. As I am allowed to be free and taste freedom.. All these gives me a responsibility of being a responsible citizen as well.. An ethic of cleanliness..i shall be responsible daughter as well as citizen.. getting permission to live our lives on own terms do not mean forgetting the responsibility and ethics. 

We all have observed that when we see mess all around and inside the house.. our thoughts also begin to get messy.. Don’t they? And if we keep clean and appropriate we get some clarity.. 

Cleanliness affects the way we think.. And we are allowed to be clean. ..

20s are all about setting on some rules and principles..

Being and staying clean will help you and me go long way.. 

Having discipline is not bad.. Obviously!! 

Stay clean… !!

Have lovely day… 😊😊😊😘😘💕💕

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