“When we have to reach our goals we need to be focused” this line is heard by everyone on this earth for sure.

Our elders as well as teachers keep us telling to keep focused and stay focused..

We read so many things about how to develop four and develop concentration..?? And we come up with all those answers that you also know…

Focus is cutting all those distractions from your way which could bring you down.. And just keeping the aim or goal in your head.. In front of you always… Focusing is concentrating on your aim.

When we are young and in our twenties we come across to the biggest distracter and that is opposite sex.. The desire… Sometimes make us think about him and even we are holding the book in our hands.. Our heart and mind is roaming around him… That handsome guy who’s voice and his presence makes you blush.. And think about that fuckin creature.. Haha..!!

Also there are many other focus seizers… Social media.. And all.. Of those.. Time snatching… And all…

Staying focused..is important skill..

Keep focus..!!  All the world will be yours.. 🙂


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