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When something doesn’t make sense or which won’t concern is we put it in as irrelevant stuffs.It is subjective thing.A basketball player may find chat or conversation irrelevant. A boy won’t find interesting if a girl speaks stupidly definitely  a guy will get bore listening at irrelevant stuff. 

So if you are used to of getting something in your head which is not important I. E irrelevant. Stop it.. Get relevant! Speak and make a habit to be relevant and precise. It shows our smartness and capability to say deep thoughts in short way in relevant way. 

Make your mind strong and never do stuffs which don’t make any sense. If you practice such things one will live a sorted life. 

Speaking irrelevant is a sign of nervous damage or there is something wrong in your mind. 

So start revealing yourself in relevant way. 

Because you live only once…!! 

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