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Breaking the barriers..!! 

In our lives we life… We have a culture… And in India we have male dominated culture. Even if we have to get some stuffs or a anything, we need to have a discussion. And even if discussion takes place we can’t have conformation that we will get that thing. And when we keep patience for longer period and still we don’t get the thing which we want then we get and break the stereotypes and go unconventional.. We get what 

we want on our own. From our own savings. That’s the best feeling to get something for yourself. When you love yourself you don’t care what people think… Those customs.. When becomes ducking for the girls.. They need to break the tradition someday. They have to get independent and capable and bold. 

You have to change… The relatives will yell feel bad… But if those guys don’t get what are necessity is.

We need to make a move. 

We need to change. 

We need to kick the fear… 

Life is yours.. 

It’s your life,yours Choice..

What you want to change?  In yourself or society?? Let me know,share with me.. 

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