When you look back in your life we see and experience and remember again the things we have lost and gained.

When we were babies we got shower of love from our grandparents. We all gathered crazy moments together.

My owwa(grandpa) i used to say owwa since i was a kid and my owwa used to call me manimau.

My grandpa A tall handsome man fair complexion with blue eyes and the main thing that is he was energetic man.he was unstoppable and had good approach towards life.He was the best man.He was fond of art. He used to work in drama as well. He completed his graduation while doing job and handling the family.So charismatic personality. He learned to play flute on his own which he played beautifully. He was a player participated in various sports such as athletics and kabbadi. He got tropphies and medals.He was so fond of his native place in karnataka that we all went in the car to see his school as well.And the most important think he helped me when i m feeling sad. He always celebrated my best moments when no one cared for.He was the one who was the happiest of them all and ready to celebrate and support me.Always.he loved singing at listening at radio. He was a man who liked to live life happily no matter what happens.His smile was flattering…His stamina is just amazing…and mainly his thoughts which will be with me in my life forever.I am so lucky that i could live with him and got to know a man like him who was my grandpa.I feel blessed.Really.

He passed away on 25th due to heart attack.I felt the vacuum in my life.Who will ahve tea with me. Who will shower love when i m not good to cope up on my own. Who will call me “manimau”…But he will be there in my memories always…

May my grandpa’s soul R.I.P

well….there are persons in our lives which our so important. We live moments with them and remember it.

So start creating memories because that’s what is left for us when someone goes away.

Love the people around you from whom you may get motivated.

Doesn’t matter what age they are they have good thoughts with them to share.Learn!!! Don’t miss anything…



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