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facebook..I am going away from it..the addiction..(no doubt social media helps us in so many ways..)

but it too has something bad…that’s FAD (facebook addiction disorder) facebook when used appropriately it’s good…sometimes we never notice that we aren’t doing anything productive there…just scrolling…after some period ..i find it stupid…

I decided to get away from the social media in the beginning of the year….2017…for around two months i kept away from it..again i logged in one day…god!!! so many notifications….so many….all junk stuff…rarely there was something useful…and must know’s …then again i kept away from it for two more months…and decided to delete the account once i get in the account…the fb kept on asking me that you can log out..then you can de- activate….But i wanted to delete….delete!!! So i went all through the procedure..getting the archive….Fb tries their best to keep us stuck in their virtual world trying various things…it goes on telling that x will miss you…y will miss you….z will miss you…

The reason i deleted my account was because …i need to invest some time of my life in bettering myself up…so..after 14 days…the a/c was deleted completely….you know what the thing is…the task of resisting to fb is too much difficult..(all the social media sites are hard to resist at)

The good things happen were..i got more productive in everything i do..i cared about the reality and not about virtual relationships..I grew wise…and smart..!! When i will start my own firm for marketing purpose…i will go back to social media…(but if people around you come to know that you have a good firm and you carry on your task properly..publicity happens..)

Take up the challenge to get out from social media….and see what you you feel…when you de-tox from social media…

you will find bliss all around you…people around you will matter…you will become more responsible and caring..and no doubt you will have good communicating skills(face to face)

While turning 20 I know or I have learnt gradually welcome the things which will add value to my life…and to say bye to all stupid things…which(i know) have wasted my precious time…

So know for yourself what is good for you…the early you realize the better it will be…know your lifestyle well..and if anything you see is going wrong..take charge of your life sincerely and start working for your betterment…






2 thoughts on “detox

  1. That’s so true!
    FAD is real! People are getting obsessive with social media. It is literally part of their life.
    When I surf on facebook I don’t know how much time went past – it only wastes time, less of success.
    I unfortunately cannot delete facebook because I need to use it for group assessments as well as to communicate to my family but what is important is moderation. Only when required, not when you are bored!
    Nice message gurl!

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